We defuse and destroy items subject to curses, hauntings, consistent bad luck, possession,
serial possession, psychic poisoning, energy vampirism and other less definable magical
maladies with a specialty in OUIJA BOARDS.

Dreamcatchers jammed by nightmares, knives that unnaturally seek blood,
Ouija Boards attuned to a malicious spirit, Good Luck charms turned bad:

Wrap the item in a white cloth and mail it with a gift on a one way trip to

Bad Medicine
P.O. Box 463
Colorado Springs CO 80901-0463

Our staff of magical practitioners and psychic sensitives will safely ground out
bad energies or dismiss spiritual entities as is deemed appropriate for each item.

If you have called up that which you cannot put down; WE CAN HELP.

Note: All packing, shipping, and content are governed by U.S. Postal laws,
you are responsible/culpable to adhere to them.